Forum Thread: Do you believe in the paranormal?

Ghosts, the afterlife; UFOs and aliens? What's your definition of "beyond" normal?

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6 Responses

I only believe when I'm watching The X-Files, which I have just recently started re-watching! Though I have had some ghostly like experiences in the past... but I'm still a skeptic overall. I want to believe, I just need to see it with my own eyes!

I believe in all forms of energy and randomness, so i suppose yes, anything abnormal is simply a fluctuation of energy due to random events. and with so many possible random events and so much energy in such a huge universe, anything is possible. 

Skeptical is the way to be. And as far as seeing it with your own eyes, the most annoying thing is that for some reason none of this stuff ever happens when someone with a decent camera is around!

Hi def cats chasing laser pointers, but UFO's and ghosts only get the cheapo phone snaps.

The energy and randomness are definitely all around. I just wonder if it doesn't 'manifest' itself in ways we can't easily perceive.

Funny you should ask. Actually, I think the question is: Does the paranormal believe in us? I suspect it doesn't, for lack of proof we exist. Sometimes I feel the same way.

Fredrike, do all the photos of you look blurry? If so, you may indeed be paranormal!

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